Monthly Luncheon Meeting

Putin and Russia at the Crossroads

Marc Liebman
Citizen Sailor, Businessman, and Author

Date: September 28th, 2023
Time: 11:30am
Place: Park City Club
5956 Sherry Lane, 17th Floor
Dallas, TX

$38.00 Per Person


What started out as a “Three Day Special Military Operation” has dragged into an all-out war between Russia and the Ukraine and a proxy war with NATO and other countries supporting the Ukrainians. By September 2023, the two countries will have been fighting for 21 months. The longer the war in Ukraine drags on, particularly if Ukraine, as it appears, to be gaining the upper hand, Russia will be facing a critical decision, does Putin stay on as Russia’s president?

In this presentation, Marc provides insight into two questions. Faced with defeat either on the battlefield or in a ceasefire or both, what are Putin’s options? And, assuming Putin leaves office, what will happen inside Russia once Putin is gone?

Marc is a combat veteran of Vietnam, the Tanker Wars of the 1980s and Desert Shield/Storm and retired from the Navy as a Captain after 26 years of service. He is a Naval Aviator with just under 6,000 hours of flight time in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Captain Liebman has worked with the armed forces of Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, the Philippines and the U.K.

He has been the CEO of a $50M aerospace and defense contractor and a partner in two different consulting firms advising clients on business and operational strategy and sales and marketing. He speaks on American history, from the American Revolution to the War of 1812, as well as selected topics on aviation, foreign affairs, getting published and leadership.

His latest career is as an award-winning novelist. Five of his 12 novels have become Amazon #1 Best Sellers as well as winning other nationally recognized awards. The Liebmans live near Aubrey, Texas. Marc is married to Betty, his lovely wife of 53+ years.

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