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Marine Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC), like its senior counterpart ROTC, came into being with the signing of the National Defense Act. The act authorized high schools the loan of federal military equipment and the assignment of active or retired military personnel as instructors on the condition that they followed a prescribed course of training.

The first significant increase in JROTC units occurred when Robert S. McNamara became the Secretary of Defense in 1961. Letters and telegrams flooded his office and those of members of Congress insisting the JROTC was an irreplaceable national asset and the effect it had on juvenile delinquency alone was worth its cost. JROTC supporters in the House of Representatives introduced legislation proposing the expansion of the program to both the Navy and Air Force (prior to this, the Army was the sole service represented in JROTC).

The modern Marine Corps JROTC program capitalizes on its mission to provide a course of leadership education designed to develop informed citizens, strengthening character by the teaching of discipline, and developing the understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship.
The Dallas Council recognizes excellence in local Dallas area units during separate awards ceremonies, giving out awards for military excellence, academics, and citizenship, in addition to the standard awards given by the JROTC program.

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