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Join The Dallas Navy League

Please click here to join (click on the Join/Renew link) the Dallas Navy League as an individual member. Your local council membership includes membership in the Navy League of the United States. When applying, please make sure to include the following information in your application so your membership is credited to the Dallas Navy league.

Council: Dallas
Sponsor's Name:Whitlock (or other)
Sponsor Member Number: 2795470 (or other)

In addition, once you have joined, please forward your new member confirmation to ensure your name is added to the Dallas membership database.

Membership in the Dallas Council of the Navy League is open to all patriotic Americans not on active military duty. The Dallas Council holds its regular meetings at The Park City Club typically on the last Friday of each month in a program that includes notable guest speakers from military, corporate and civic organizations and the best luncheon buffet in Dallas.

Every member of the Navy League receives a monthly copy of SeaPower magazine, a copy of the yearly Almanac of Sea Power, and the quarterly "The Navy Leaguer" newsletter. The Navy League also convenes a yearly national convention that governs the operation of the entire organization and fosters increased activities within local councils.

The Dallas Council gratefully acknowledges the financial support of its members and the contributions made on behalf of the outstanding men and women actively engaged in our maritime services.

Type of Memberships Available:

   Individual Membership Fees
  (includes electronic edition of SEAPOWER and Almanac)
 1-Year Premium Individual/International
  (includes print editions of SEAPOWER Magazine and Almanac)
 2-Year Premium $100
 3-Year Premium $130
 4-Year Premium $180
 5-Year Premium $225
 Life Membership (to age 55) $1,000
 Life Membership (age 56-75) $750
 Life Membership (age 76 and above) $500

The Navy League of the United States is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and, as such, your financial support is tax deductible.